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Best Guides On How To Buy Weed Online

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Is Mail Order Weed Legal?

You can shop online for groceries, clothes, electronics, and just about any other product you desire to purchase. You can order these products and have them delivered to your front door. Shopping online has become a convenient and efficient method of buying goods for many Americans.

However, there are things that you should not or cannot purchase online. Marijuana is one of those products. Mail-order weed continues to be illegal in all 50 states.

Why is Mail Order Marijuana Illegal?

Ohio has not legalized marijuana for recreational use. Even if the state does legalize marijuana, it would still be illegal to order weed online. Marijuana that travels across state laws and is delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) violates federal drug laws.

Marijuana continues to be a Schedule 1 drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act. Shipping illegal substances across state lines is a violation of interstate commerce laws. The act would be a federal crime.

Even though you might order weed from a legal retailer in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, it becomes illegal once it is shipped to Ohio. You are breaking federal law. You are also breaking Ohio marijuana laws.

Can I Use a Private Shipper to Order Weed Online?

Some people think they can get around federal drug laws by shipping marijuana through a private company like UPS or FedEx. However, this is not the case. You could still get into trouble if you try to ship marijuana through a private shipper.

Private shippers must abide by federal law. They are required to follow interstate commerce laws. Even though the shipper might state your order is private, that guarantee does not apply once the shipment is in the hands of a third party.

A private shipper is likely to cooperate with federal authorities during an investigation. The “privacy” the weed shipper guaranteed will mean nothing.

What Happens if I Order Marijuana Online?

If you order marijuana from an online company and ship it to Ohio, several things can happen. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) may open an investigation into the transfer of an illegal substance across state lines.

You could face charges for drug trafficking. If convicted, you could face severe federal drug crime penalties, including prison sentences and fines.

If you avoid federal drug crimes for ordering weed online, you face charges for violating state marijuana laws if you are caught with the substance in your possession. Recreational marijuana is illegal in Ohio. If you knowingly possess, obtain, or use marijuana in Ohio, you can be charged with possession of marijuana.

The seriousness of the drug offense depends on how much marijuana you have in your possession at the time of your arrest. Marijuana possession crimes include:

  • Less than 100g is a minor misdemeanor
  • Between 100g and 200g is a fourth-degree misdemeanor
  • Between 201g and 999g is a fifth-degree felony
  • Between 1,000g and 4,999g is a fourth-degree felony
  • Between 5,000g and 19,999g is a third-degree felony
  • More than 20,000g is a second-degree felony

It is important to remember that you could be charged with possession of marijuana, even though you might not have the substance in your physical possession. Best Guides On How To Buy Weed Online

You can be charged with constructive possession if you have access to the drugs. Therefore, shipping marijuana to your home could still be considered possession of an illegal substance, even if you are not caught with the marijuana on your person.

Can I Order Medical Marijuana Online?

Even though medical marijuana might be legal in Ohio, federal laws do not recognize medical marijuana as legal. Therefore, you can still face federal drug crimes, even though you might have a medical marijuana card in Ohio.

What is the Bottom Line About Ordering Weed Online?

Do not risk it. Retailers might guarantee that the weed is shipped in special packages and odor-proof bags that fool drug dogs and postal inspectors.

The USPS routinely holds packages if they are suspected of containing illegal substances, including marijuana. Law enforcement officers take control of the situation and allow the packages to be delivered as addressed.

However, once the package is delivered and accepted, the officers arrest the receiver on federal drug charges. Postal carriers will not give you any indication that a problem exists with the package.

Even though marijuana laws could change in Ohio, federal drug laws may never change. As long as marijuana remains a controlled substance at the federal level, it will remain illegal to ship weed across state lines or through the United States Postal Service.

Best Guides On How To Buy Weed Online

Best Guides On How To Buy Weed Online

Best Guides On How To Buy Weed Online

Best Guides On How To Buy Weed Online

Best Guides On How To Buy Weed Online

Best Guides On How To Buy Weed Online

Legal Weed Shop USA

Legal Weed Shop USA

Legal Weed Shop USA

Legal Weed Shop USA

Legal Weed Shop USA

Legal Weed Shop USA

Legal Weed Shop USA

Legal Weed Shop USA

Legal Weed Shop USA

Legal Weed Shop USA

According to a news report in The Columbus Dispatch, patients can purchase medical marijuana for less in Michigan. According to one patient, medical marijuana costs twice as much in Ohio as it does in Michigan. Another patient claims that Michigan prices are still cheaper even when the factors in the travel costs. Best Place To Buy Marijuana Online USA

The cost of medical marijuana in Ohio should decrease once the industry has a chance to catch up with other states, according to officials. However, Michigan has a substantial head start compared to Ohio. Medical marijuana has been legal in Michigan for over a decade, and now recreational marijuana is legal to purchase since December 2019.

Transporting Marijuana Across State Lines is Illegal

Patients who want to save money face criminal drug charges for transporting marijuana across state lines. Even though medical marijuana is legal in both Ohio and Michigan, it is a crime to bring medical marijuana into Ohio from another state. Ohio residents can legally purchase medical marijuana in Michigan, but they need to use the product before returning home.

Ohio patients had a short 60-day window to purchase and transport medical marijuana across the state line from Michigan. The state granted the window when it first established the patient registry in 2018 before the first dispensary in Ohio opened.

An agreement between the two states to allow Ohio medical marijuana cardholders to purchase and transport the substance may be under discussion. No agreement has been finalized.

Marijuana Charges in Ohio

Even though you have a medical marijuana card, remember that it is illegal to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You could be charged with impaired driving if you have any substance in your system that impairs your ability to drive, including prescription medications.

Ohio has not legalized recreational marijuana. Therefore, it remains a crime to have any marijuana in your possession without a valid medical marijuana license. However, marijuana charges are generally not prosecuted as severely as other drug charges.

The penalty for having 100 grams or less of marijuana in your possession is a misdemeanor. The crime is punishable by a $150 fine and no jail time. However, if you have a substantial amount of marijuana in your possession, you could face severe penalties.

For example, having over 40,000 grams of marijuana in your possession is a second-degree felony. The punishment is up to eight years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000.

Even if you are charged with a minor marijuana charge, it can be beneficial to speak with a criminal defense lawyer. It is always good to know your legal rights, understand the charges against you, and review your options for handling the marijuana charges before you go to court or speak with a prosecutor.

Ohio Views Drug Charges Very Seriously

All other drug crimes in Ohio are considered serious criminal charges. Some drug charges are misdemeanors, while other charges are felonies. Regardless of the charge, you need to take the matter seriously.

A drug conviction on any level can have long-term implications. You could lose your job because of the drug charges. Your drug charges could also impact a child custody case.

Before you do anything, talk with a criminal defense lawyer about the drug charges. Get the facts about drug offenses in Ohio and discuss your options for defending yourself against the charges.

Common drug offenses in Ohio include:

If you are arrested on drug charges, do not talk to the police. Talking to the police does not benefit you in most cases. It is best to remain silent and ask for an attorney.

Depending on the charges against you, you could be facing aggravated penalties. Aggravated penalties result in more severe punishments for drug offenses, even for first-time offenders.

You could be facing significant jail time, fines, and other penalties for a drug conviction. However, an attorney analyzes your case to determine your options for fighting the charges and minimizing the punishments. In some cases, an attorney might help you avoid jail and have your charges dismissed by entering a court-ordered treatment program.

You cannot know your options until you meet with a lawyer. Do not trust the police or the prosecutor to give you advice that is in your best interest. They want a conviction; your drug crimes attorney has your best interests as his top priority.

Is Mail Order Weed Online Legal?

Canada legalized recreational weed in October 2018. If you’re an American who lives in a cannabis-legal state, a few questions may be running through your mind about order weed online.

Can I order weed from Canada? Can I purchase any type of order weed online? Can I ship or receive weed through the mail?

Allow me to dispel your questions with a simple answer: no. Due to federal law, buying and order weed online is illegal in all 50 states.

But I don’t want to dash your hopes; you can still get mail order weed in Canada. The only problem is that you must be in Canada to buy pot order weed online without breaking the law.

Before you book the next flight, you must know Canadian provincial and federal weed laws. If you intend to travel to Canada, I will show you how to follow American and Canadian drug laws.

Read more if you want to keep the authorities at bay.

Why Can’t Americans Engage in Mail Order Weed Online?

States such as California and Colorado have legalized recreational marijuana. But the U.S. Postal Service is a federal agency that must abide by federal laws.

Under federal law, marijuana is a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act. Shipping an illegal substance across state lines falls under interstate commerce. This constitutional provision allows the feds to get involved.

If you’re caught shipping cannabis across state borders,

The Following Will Occur:

  • A DEA investigation
  • Narcotics trafficking charges
  • Possible prison time

If you order marijuana online within a state that legalized weed, you may still face federal consequences.

Federal law supersedes state law.

Various shops have promised no-hassle pot deliveries through private couriers. Anyone making such promises is breaking the law of order weed online.

The Private Route

Using FedEx or UPS seems like a good idea, but these companies must also follow federal guidelines. Further, private shipping companies can inspect a package if it contains an illegal substance.

A FedEx or UPS driver could also cooperate with federal officials if they find pot in your package.

Including Medical Marijuana Users.

No one can undermine federal law of order weed online.

The only way to get mail order weed online is to go to Canada.

Canadian Regulations

In Canada, you must be 18 years old to purchase cannabis for recreational purposes. However, some provinces stipulate that you must be 19 years old to buy it. In addition, shoppers must adhere to the federal standard if there are no provincial regulations.

Moreover, you can only have up to 30 grams of weed in your possession. Currently, you can only obtain the following weed varieties:

  • Dried or fresh flowers
  • Oil
  • Seeds

You can also make cannabis-related food and drinks, as long as you don’t make concentrated forms of weed. Cannabis-infused products will not be legal in Canada until October 2019.

As an American, you cannot take any Canadian weed back to the United States. Even if you live in a permissive state, you cannot cross international borders with pot.

The Takeaway

Order weed online laws in Canada and the U.S. are changing, but you should remain cautious. If you live in the U.S., you should stay away from mail order weed altogether.

Additionally, you should consult with an attorney on cannabis law if you are unsure about buying weed online. For more information on local attorneys near you, contact us today to get a clearer understanding of state and federal drug laws.

What are marijuana strains?

Descriptions about marijuana usually mention indica, sativa, or hybrid varieties. Indica came from the Indian Hindi Kush mountains. It is believed to have a relaxing effect. Sativa, on the other hand, is supposed to be energizing. Hybrid is any combination of the two. But the qualities of these classifications are not set in stone. One may get the characteristic of the other. This is where strains come in. Strains further divide and classify marijuana into the products people buy. Strains that have the same name, regardless of where they are sold, usually have the same characteristics. This is more evident in strain names that are less common. One of the tells of a good source is the consistency of its products with the same name.

How do you choose a strain?

Since strains generally have unique characteristics and effects, choosing one for medical uses should be based on how it can affect the medical condition. Depending on the condition, some strains can be more helpful than others. In the same way, the potential adverse side effects should also be taken into consideration. Some of the more generally expected side effects of marijuana-use include dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness. Marijuana may also react with other medication patients have taken or treatments they have undergone. Either way, it’s best to consult your doctor if you are interested in helping manage your condition.

What are THC and CBD?

Both tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are compounds found in plants that are part of the Cannabis genus. These two compounds have similar molecular structure but have different effects on the body. CBD is mainly distributed as gummies, oils, gels, and extracts. Meanwhile, THC is known for its psychoactive property that gives the high feeling. Variations in the amount of these compounds present in a particular strain result in differing effects, including the degree of highness a person experiences. As such, in medical marijuana, these compounds are also associated with helping manage their own list of conditions. According to Healthline, CBD helps with seizures, inflammation, pain, mental disorders, migraines, and depression. THC is commonly used for pain, insomnia, and low appetite. As for side effects, CBD typically has none. Even in large doses, the body usually tolerates CBD well. The only side effects that may present from CBD use is likely the result of the compound interacting with other medication. On the contrary, THC has temporary side effects like increased heart rate, dry mouth, red eyes, coordination problems, slower reaction times, and memory loss. It is important to note that neither of the two compounds can be lethal. When choosing the right strain, with the right amount of CBD or THC for your medical condition, it is important that you consult with your doctor and the marijuana professional at your local dispensary.

Are you saying you haven’t tried marijuana at all? Then you’re not one of more than 44% of American adults who have tried, according to a 2015 study conducted by the U.S. Department of  Health. Since the sales value of medical cannabis in the United States is expected to increase to at least $4.2 billion by the end of 2019, based on data gathered by Statista, there are a lot more users now.

Recent trials and studies show that medical cannabis could be beneficial in treating chronic pain and anxiety.  Maybe you’re curious and want to find out for yourself. Before you do, you need to take certain precautions, especially if you live in a state that isn’t warm to it yet.  Here are a few things to consider before taking your first puff.

The Identification Card

Cities like Mesa,  Arizona require you to have a medical marijuana identification card before you can get a prescription for your dose. To qualify, you should have a proven diagnosis of the medical conditions listed on their website. Such conditions include severe and chronic pain, Crohn’s Disease, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and more. You should also submit a written recommendation from your physician and provide $150 for the application fee. Once you get your card, you’ll be able to buy prescription cannabis from a trusted dispensary.

The Medium

There are many ways you can take medical marijuana, but the most popular methods right now are smoking and vaping. This involves inhaling smoke from burned cannabis leaves or vapor from evaporated concentrates or marijuana flowers. This contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for the high you’ll get. THC may help in relaxing your mind and increasing your appetite.

If you want to experience pain relief and relaxation without the added high, you may want to look into cannabidiol (CBD) products. CBD comes in tinctures, oils, pills, and even gummies. THC and CBD are compounds from cannabis that provide the most significant effects and benefits to your body.

The Strain

If you’re going the smoking or vaping route, you need to get familiar with marijuana strains. These are pure or hybrid breeds of a cannabis plant. Each strain has a different CBD and THC ratio and flavor. As a cannabis novice, you probably want a variation that’s high in CBD and low in THC. This way, you won’t be blindsided by an intense high. Such strains include the Harlequin, which has a good balance of both compounds; or ACDC, with significantly more CBD than THC. If you want to experience a greater high after taking these strains, ask your dispensary if they can give you one with a bit more THC until you find a balance that you prefer.

The Environment

When smoking or vaping cannabis for the first time, it’s best to do so in the comfort of your own home and with someone you trust. This way, you’ll be in safe hands while your mind and body are relaxed from the high.

Medical marijuana can be great for your well-being, but it’s a substance that should be taken with care. Always check the limits of cannabis use in your state. Make sure you’re testing out different mediums and strains so you’ll find ones that you’re comfortable with. Follow all these steps and you’ll reap the physical and mental benefits of weed.

The Trusted Dispensary

When getting your dose of medical cannabis, a dispensary is always your best bet of getting a high-quality dose. At Territory Dispensary, we provide premium medical marijuana products, ranging from buds to CBD tinctures. Our locations in Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa provide a safe and supportive environment for you to have a peaceful and good-natured shopping experience.

It has been only a decade since medical marijuana was approved in cities like Mesa, Arizona, but innovation has really caught up fast in this industry. Marijuana consumers are no longer satisfied with just smoking joints or ripping bongs these days; they now ingest cannabinoid (CBD) oil tinctures and edibles to feel the soothing effects of cannabis minus the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) high.

For those who do want to get that sweet high, however, there’s vaping. Read on to see if this is the right medium for you.


Cannabis is vaporized in two ways:

  • Conductive Heating – This involves putting a concentrate or dried herb onto a hot plate and heating it at the right temperature to create vapors.
  • Convective heating – Cannabis is heated only by hot air. It doesn’t come in contact with a surface or screen.

Vaping Method

Marijuana vaping is also split into three primary methods: desktop, portable, and pen/cartridge. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Vape Pen

This is the most popular option because it’s the most compact and the easiest to use among the other methods. Just load its cartridge up with oil cannabis concentrate, reassemble it, and push the single button on the pen to inhale the vapor. A vape pen is often split into three parts:

  • Heating Chamber or Atomizer – This is where the cannabis oil goes in. Only a few drops are needed to feel the soothing effects of marijuana.
  • Battery – This connects directly to the atomizer, giving the latter the necessary power to heat the concentrate.
  • Mouthpiece – This attachment ensures that you won’t get burned by the heating chamber when you inhale the vapor.

Vape pens are great for people who want to puff discreetly or those on-the-go. These come in rechargeable or disposable versions.

Portable Vape

This is the beefier version of the vape pen. It comes in conductive or convective models. Like the vape pen, this type also has a battery, mouthpiece, and atomizer. But it has a few extra components:

  • Tank – This is a heat chamber that’s separate from the atomizer, allowing it to house more material. Some units exclusively take in concentrates or dry herbs. But there are also vapes that are capable of heating both materials.
  • Sensor – Some portable vapes have special sensors that allow you to see the temperature of your concentrates, and adjust them accordingly.

Portable vaporizers are perfect for people who want to have a compact device that has more capacity and versatility.

Desktop Vape

Also known as tabletop vaporizers, it prioritizes features over portability. A desktop vape allows for precise temperature readings and adjustments. It allows you to dial in the exact flavor you want from your weed.

It’s also more durable and reliable than its compact counterparts because it doesn’t have a battery that wears down. It plugs directly into your home’s socket. A table-top vape has a larger battery, atomizer, and tank, and can accommodate attachments like:

  • Whip – A whip is a glass or silicone tube that delivers vapors directly to your mouth. This is great if you want to have a precise flavor to your hits.
  • Balloon – This involves using a food-grade plastic balloon that fills up with vapor. This attachment is perfect if you want to share your vape with friends, as it can hold in massive amounts of vapor for a long time.

Desktop vapes are for people who want to really dial in the flavors and intensity they get from their weed. While they may be pricier than their compact siblings, the consistent quality of hits you get from them is definitely worth it.

Vaping allows you to enjoy weed without the tar and intense aroma that come from burning herbs. If you’re just starting out, go with a pen or a portable vaporizer. They’re more than enough to soothe your nerves. For more experienced smokers, you may want to try out tabletop vapes. They allow you to make the most out of the products you got from the medical dispensary. Whichever method you choose, check with your physician first to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable cannabis experience.

Get Quality Concentrates for Your Vape

Apart from having a good vaping device, you should also buy high-quality concentrates or flowers to ensure a safe and satisfying high. Territory Dispensary provides a wide variety of premium cannabis products, from concentrates to cannabis infusions. Our stores in Arizona welcome you to a safe and inclusive environment that allows you to shop for your medical marijuana with confidence.

While smoking weed can give you a pretty potent high, people are always looking for the next level.

Enter cannabis concentrates. These marijuana products are processed to extract the most compounds possible out of them. CBD oil is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates. It’s made mostly of cannabidiol, with the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other plant materials removed.

Apart from CBD oil, many other concentrates provide different benefits. Here’s all you need to know about cannabis concentrates and how to use them.

Necessary Preparation

The concentrated cannabis journey starts with drying and curing the flower, which is usually done by dispensaries everywhere, from Los Angeles to Mesa. The flowers are harvested fresh from their branches and set on a rack to dry for five to 15 days, depending on environmental conditions. They are then trimmed and stored in airtight containers to be cured for about four to eight weeks. Once they’re nice and moist, they’re ready for extraction.

Types of Concentrates and Their Uses

The kind of concentrate you’re going to get depends on how you extract your flower. Concentrates can be extracted with butane, ethanol, carbon dioxide, and even water. No matter the method, the primary goal in extraction is to isolate the small, sparkling strands on the plant called “trichomes.” These hair-like structures contain most of the cannabis compounds like cannabidiol (CBD) and THC.

  • Butane Hash Oil (BHO) – This dab rig staple is extracted by forcing butane through the cannabis flower, taking the trichomes with it. After extraction, the butane is removed by heating until a wax-like substance forms. BHO has different subtypes that come in different textures.
  • Shatter is hard and almost glass-like. It’s known as the purest of all cannabis concentrates, as it’s made mostly of THC. It gives a very potent high, so it’s best for experienced smokers.
  • Wax is also made mostly of THC, but it has more of a crumbly texture to it. A softer version of this is called “budder,” which is less potent but more flavorful when smoked.
  • Hashish – The earliest cannabis concentrate known to man, hashish, is made by compressing cannabis pollen. The pollen, also known as “kief,” is extracted by using screens to filter it from the flower. Once a substantial amount of kief has been collected, it can then be pressed in between slabs to create blocks of the final product. There are also other types of hash like “bubble hash” which is extracted with cold water and filter screens. Hash can be eaten or dabbed.
  • CO2 Oil – This is made through a complex process of carbon dioxide separating the components of cannabis. The end product is a thick liquid that is perfect for vaping.
  • Rosin – Also a great companion for your dab, rosin is made by applying pressure and heat to a nugget of cannabis until it creates a thick liquid.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to cannabis concentrates. But don’t be fooled by the small amounts that you put on your dab. They all pack a punch. So be careful, take small hits and gradually take bigger ones as you get used to it.

Get Quality Concentrates for Your Dab

When it comes to buying concentrates, you should go to a dispensary you can trust. Here at Territory Dispensary, we provide premium cannabis strains, concentrates, edibles, and more. Our branches offer a safe and inviting environment for customers to shop, as well as quality products. We’re always ready to help you with your medical marijuana journey.

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